All you mums out there, STOP take time to smell the daisys!


As mothers we are constantly analysing our role in order to be the best we can be. Are we doing enough? Are we doing too little? Being a mother in the society we live in is an extremely hard task as we are expected not only to look after our children's basic needs but we are also expected to work, partake in many sports, look amazing, be extremely social, allow our children to be extremely social plus involve them in every extra circular activity going.

Nice house, nice car, nice clothes, good job, impressive hobbies and the list goes on. It got me thinking about how far removed we are becoming from what really matters and how consumed people are by what other people think.

Like most mothers I want the best for my children. I want them to be happy and feel safe. I want them to know what is really important and above all I want them to know love. To know how to encompass love and to be loved.

The average diet and lifestyle of so many children is creating a generation of humans that are so far removed from what we are supposed to be. Fed on chemicals that are supposed to represent food, constantly stimulated by televisions or computers that not only flash images of violence but a fake, unachievable world which make them strive for unrealistic, unattainable and unfulfilling things.

Many children don't know how to amuse themselves and imaginative play is a thing of the past.

Instinctively I believe we know what is right for our children but having so many demands placed on mother’s makes life stressful and motherhood somewhat less enjoyable. The busier life becomes and more hectic it feels often sends us into a whirlwind and leaves little time to truly be that mother you want to be.

Simplify is the answer.

This is easier said than done but finding balance in life is the key to having the life that serves not only you but your family. I know that often life becomes busy and I know if I over commit and forget how to say no I find myself struggling to keep my head above water. Often pulled in every direction and needed by everyone time for you is no option. Well it needs to be!

It not only needs to be an option but needs to be a priority. It needs to be a priority in order for you to put things into perspective and this allow you to enjoy and savour every special moment with your family. Instead of feeling frustrated and on edge you can then make way for patience and understanding.

Being a mother is the best thing I have ever done and my children mean the world to me. More than my job, more than getting to the gym on time, more than a night out with the girls but in order to love being a mother I need a healthy balance of everything I love and to still maintain all the things that still make me-me.

Putting your needs up there on the ever growing list will then allow you to be a more present mother. As our children are constantly learning we too as parents are also learning, developing and opening to new ways of being. Our children help us learn about ourselves and often our weaknesses are staring us bluntly in the face. Our children are the reflection of ourselves. So if there is something you are not liking in your child's behaviour or personality it's time to start looking inwards.

My advice to all those mothers out there that feel like life is a constant whirlwind- take time to stop breathe and enjoy. Simplifying can often mean letting go of things that you enjoy doing to make way and time for stillness. The only day that's matters is today- so take time to smell the Daisy's!!