Falling in love with working out


We are both avid exercisers and I think physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to maintain or improve your overall health. Look to be honest you don’t have to take it far, 40 minutes plus and you can start off just walking. Outdoor activities are so beneficial and enjoyable. Fresh air and sunshine makes you feel better and more motivated to start the day.

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore find things that you love. I get excited to train, I look forward to it and find it’s my release and my hour to myself. Sometimes it’s hard and I want to puke but afterwards I feel freaking awesome.

If you think exercise isn’t for you try to find something that gets your heart rate up and gets you moving. It could be yoga, walking, swimming, paddle boarding, dancing, boxing, tennis and the list goes on.

I personally like to do a variety of things. There are days when I train hard doing kettle bells (strength training) and then crossfit (cardio) but then I love nothing more than my walks on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Mix it up try different things, your body likes diversity.

Socially, it’s great fun too. I love meeting my girlfriends for walks or training with a great group of girls who encourage each other on. Then there is the occasional coffee after where we gass bag about other things. It’s also great way of meeting new people, I have made great friends who I would otherwise never have connected with.

I also find when Im training or moving the overflow effect means I also want to eat healthy. I crave foods that are good for me and stay away from the things that aren’t.

Our bodies are designed to be moved, so get moving, start slowly, mix it up and find things you love.