Nourish your soul with regular massages

We often think we are spoiling ourselves with a massage or otherwise it is something we tend to receive through a gift voucher on our birthday. Massage really is something we should all incorporate into our lives on a regular basis as the benefits are enormously rewarding.

Every system in our body responds positively to massage from our nervous system, our cardiac system to our digestive system. It can be a potent stress reliever removing nervous tension and anxiety along with muscle tension and pain relief.

From Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofacial to remedial they all have amazing benefits from emotional to the physical. It helps to remove toxins built up in your muscles as well as promoting circulation and flow of lymph. Massage helps to detoxify your body and allow you organs to function like a well-greased machine!!

Touch is essential to create feelings of security, worth and above all love. Even receiving massage from a stranger, there is still an exchange of energy that leaves us feeling energised and often more grounded. Many practitioners use different techniques to heal, such as reiki, so often you are left feeling a lot lighter and more centred.

It's really important to find a therapist that you connect with and you feel is right for you. We all have different needs and issues and there is a variety of practitioners that all have a different way of doing massage. Tell them what you want and what feels right for you as communication is the key.

Find a way to make massage part of your life. Your physical body will love you for it and will last the test of time especially if you are giving it an awesome lifetime of workouts and exercise. We all live lives filled with way too much stress that our bodies were not overly designed to deal with-hence major adrenal burnout. Massage along with yoga, exercise and an awesome diet will have you well on your way to be as stress free as possible.

Our children are reflections of ourselves so if you notice your child showing signs of stress and anxiety or if they just have achy legs, they too respond amazingly to massage. Go get out your coconut oil and give them a beautiful gift. It's shown to strengthen bonds between parent and child and help that child to feel confident, nurtured and above all loved.


So next day off you have book yourself a massage and don't feel guilty about it- you are doing it for your health!!