What's in your water?


I use to believe water was just water and proceeded to do what I believed was healthy and consume copious amounts of tap water. Two litres a day and I believed I was giving my body the hydration it needed. Little did I know that the tap water contained much more than just water.

Fluoride, chlorine, aluminium, hormones, nitrates, pesticides plus multiple salts of heavy metals including mercury are being consumed daily by many. These are in your tap water and all these horrible things we are trying to avoid, is there any wonder people are getting sicker and sicker?  Fluoride was first added to inmate’s water in Nazi prison camps to make them subservient and dumbed down so they would comply!

Many people are aware of the dangers of drinking tap water and then go to bottled water which is not only expensive but the plastic is leaching into the water causing further hormonal disturbances.

Fluoride is a waste by-product of the aluminium industry and is has been linked to hormonal disruption, weakening of bones, kidney disease and even cancer. Claimed to help strengthen teeth is actually has been shown to cause dental fluorosis, a disease of the teeth. It is also shown to calcify the pineal gland which is an extremely important gland in the middle of your brain. It not only regulates your hormones but is also known as your third eye. It supports intuition and also allows us to obtain a higher consciousness and a spiritual awareness.

Unless you are drinking pure rain water or have access to clean spring water I would definitely invest in your family's health by purchasing a good quality filter system. Talk to someone from a water filter shop to find a filter that not only extracts chemicals and bacteria but also fluoride. Many countries have protested against having fluoride put into their water sources. Is it really something you want to be consuming every day???

Natural news is a great website with valuable information about health issues and the link below is a great informative read about fluoride. Ask more questions and research about everything you are consuming daily. It's your body and the fuel you feed it will define how well is runs!