Yummy Almond & Banana Bread

500 grams of almonds

4 bananas

4 eggs

1/2 cup of rice bran oil

A big handful of naturally dried sultanas (optional)


First put nuts in a blender (I use a thermo mix) until it is grounded almost to flour. Pour in the rest of the ingredients (minus the sultanas) and blend. Stir in the sultanas. Pour onto baking paper on a baking tray and sprinkle with cinnamon (or sometimes use chopped nuts)

Cook in moderate oven for about 20 mins keep checking- until golden on top- Serve warm with some butter or great for lunch boxes. Jam pack as much goodness as possible into your cooking- chia seeds, coconut oil, hemp seeds, LSA and berries all add to the goodness.

The beauty about this slice is that you can make it savoury or sweet or can even use it as a base for pizzas!!

Pesto, sundried tomatoes, or just rosemary, garlic and sea salt are some other ideas- be creative and inspired!!