Warming gluten free Porridge

This little recipe is a great alternative to the usual oat porridge most people try. It is gluten free and soaked so much easier for our little people to digest. It is a warming, nourishing meal which is packed with energy to keep our little ones going throughout the day!


Ingredients -

Organic brown rice flakes

Almond/Coconut milk


Chia seeds


Sunflower seeds

Inca berries or organic sultanas



Vanilla powder

Cinnamon sprinkled

A drizzle of raw honey


Amounts are up to you depending on the amount of people you are cooking for. (I usually use 1 cup brown rice flakes and soak in 2 cups of Almond milk). Firstly you need to soak all ingredients in almond or coconut milk overnight. Slice a banana with the ingredients and cook in a saucepan- Serve with milk of your choice. Be adventurous and try different goodies in your porridge like cacao powder, acai powder, different grains and seeds, grated apple or goji berries. You can even use a good quality vanilla protein powder to give your kids a little extra energy for the day ahead.