Nourish your soul with regular massages

We often think we are spoiling ourselves with a massage or otherwise it is something we tend to receive through a gift voucher on our birthday. Massage really is something we should all incorporate into our lives on a regular basis as the benefits are enormously rewarding.

Every system in our body responds positively to massage from our nervous system, our cardiac system to our digestive system. It can be a potent stress reliever removing nervous tension and anxiety along with muscle tension and pain relief.

Why I miss the sun and how good it really is for you!


Every winter I’m sure I get what I call “sun blues”. Gosh I miss the sun and it seems there are a number of good reasons my body is craving it too.

The world we live in today is consumed by paranoid messages of how dangerous the sun is for us. However the ancient yogis have a phase called Atapa Snana which is the healing science of sun bathing. They knew how to use the sun to heal all kinds of illness and used the sun to achieve optimal health.

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Tips for winter wellness

Cold winter days unfortunately bring the onslaught of runny, green noses, sore throats and horrible barking coughs. Immune systems are still developing and often need a helping hand with extra nutrients and supportive herbs. It's a great idea to have a few essentials kept on hand for those unexpected but critical times like when your child start complaining about a sore ear at bedtime or cries out in the middle of the night because they have a roaring temperature.

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