Hi! I’m Sarah - wife, mum to 2 beautiful girls and a little black doggie, lover of the ocean, and self-confessed health nut.

I’m on a mission to empower women, particularly mums, in health, love and happiness; to help beautiful souls like you create a life you truly love. To show you how to reconnect with your inner spark and become the most amazing, vibrant powerful version of YOU!

Wondering how on earth that can happen when you’re juggling the demands of kids, family, home, and life in general? Trust me, it can. I know because I’ve walked (and am still walking) that very path.

Rewind 10 years and my 20-something self is unrecognisable from the person I am today. I was living the high life, working as Chief Stewardess on a US based yacht, traveling to exotic destinations and mixing with the rich and famous. But deep down, I was lost. So, so lost. I was partying too hard, living a toxic life with people who didn’t treat me well, working long exhausting hours, surviving on stimulants and didn’t even consider how I was fuelling my body. Focused more on weight (and how skinny I looked in a bikini) than health, my health declined. Physically, I was sick and exhausted. Emotionally, I was angry and confused, and had zero motivation to change things.

The one shining light that kept me going during that time was the handsome deckhand who is now my husband (it wasn’t all work ☺). We fell in love and decided to leave the glamorous yacht life to start afresh in Australia, our homeland.

We moved to a new area where we didn’t know a soul and settled into a quieter life, hoping to start a little family of our own. After 2 years of dreaming, trying, hoping, planning, crying, scrutinising, wishing, crying some more, arguing, sobbing and asking why, we finally got pregnant through IVF and was completely over joyed when Georgia was born in June of 2009.

She latched on well to breastfeed from day one but at around 5 months she started seeming unsettled during each feed. I went to the Doctor, who had the foresight to do a pregnancy test. I was 2 months pregnant. With a 5 month old. I was elated and terrified at the same time.

Of course, knowing that new life is such a gift, I just got on with it and hoped for the best. Olivia was born in September 2010, just 14 months after her big sister. Two babies in just over a year. I breastfed Olivia until about 7 months, but my body wasn’t happy. The demands of two pregnancies, two small babies, total sleep deprivation and Olivia’s chronic reflux were simply too much: I literally fell apart.

When Olivia was 4 months old, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and had anxiety and sleep issues. I was a complete wreck.

Luckily, my mum was able to put her own life on hold when I needed her most and pretty much lived at our house. She came at 7am and would look after both kids while I went back to bed to try and sleep. I would sometimes stay in my pjs all day. I didn’t go out for about 3 months, but my mum’s positivity and support made it feel surprisingly ok. If you ever read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart, mum. 

When I told a friend about my diagnosis, she recommended that I visit her naturopath, an incredible lady named Sally Gray. After listening to my whole story, not just my list of symptoms, she put me on a diet called GAPS, which is basically whole foods, fermented foods and lots of bone broth (no packaged foods, gluten or sugar at all). Within 2 weeks I began sleeping more soundly and my anxiety disappeared.

I was amazed, relieved, rejuvenated and curious. Food had healed me and I wanted to understand how. I started studying and reading everything I could in relation to diet, exercise, healing foods and self-love.

From then on, I knew I wanted to spread the message about how powerful food can be, and how you can heal yourself from disease without medicine. My naturopath recommended a course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, and after lots of hard work and dedication, I completed it a year ago. I’m also a certified health coach and am helping women, mostly mums, find their way back to health through food, fitness and self-love.

I feel amazingly lucky to have had inspiring mentors around me who have encouraged me in this journey of health and wellness. We all need support. We all need cheerleaders who are rooting for us. That’s why I’m buzzing with excitement about being able to help others on their path.

I believe we all go through struggles; everyone has a story to tell. We are all searching for healing or some help in our lives. I’m here to support your transformation, healing and journey to rocking your most amazing life!

My love list

# I’m obsessed with the ocean – I love paddle boarding, swimming and beach walking. This is my happy place and I’m so lucky to live 5 minutes away from the xxx Ocean. I try to go daily. Instant reboot!

# I love cookery books, fitness books, self-help and holistic style books. I have so many books that when I buy more, my husband gets grumpy when I buy more books he thinks I have enough!!

# I love wearing flannelette pyjamas in winter (much to my husband’s disgust) and I’m a huge fan of Ugg boots. Nothing wrong with uber-cosiness.

# I love having my nails painted in bright funky colours. It cheers me up and reminds me to look on the bright side of life. My girls are carrying on the family tradition!

# I love essential oils and spend a fortune on Doterra oils.

# I love cooking but it’s often a battle to get into the kitchen as my husband is a better cook than me.

# I love Sunday. It’s the best day of the week! We often all stay in our pyjamas, cook and listen to music until lunchtime.

# I love my sister – she’s the best sister in the world. She is also into health & wellbeing and is a qualified naturopath. We are only 11 months apart in age and pretty much look identical, so people often get us confused. She is a massive part of my life.

# I love my dog – she’s an awesome Black Staffy called Pepper and we are all a little obsessed with her. Ok, totally obsessed!

So how about you? Are you feeling like life has taken over and you’ve lost your spark, your energy, your mojo? I would love to help you get you back on track and shine like the star you truly are.

If you’re ready to make a positive change that rocks your world, check out my packages or just jump right in and give me a call. We’ll figure it all out together ☺